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Good Nutrition for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid Arthritis is a name derived from Rheumatic Fever. This disease resembles from Rheumatic Fever that’s why named as ‘Rheumatoid’. It is a chronic disease of joints, organs and connective tissues. It’s inflammatory disarray that may affect many organs as well as tissues. This ailment mainly harasses the joints proceeding to the demolition of cartilage. Rheumatoid Arthritis also produces swelling and irritation in pericardium, lungs and sclera. It also affects those tissues which are under the skin.

The fundamental causes of this disease are still unclear. However, it spreads in the body at speedy rate. About 1% of the world’s population is affected by this disease. People who are more threatened are between the ages of 45 to 50. However, it doesn’t mean that older people are the victim; people of any age may be affected. This disease leads into malfunctioning of various systems which eventually cause death. The patient has to pass through painful conditions during this ailment. Rheumatoid Arthritis is mostly diagnosed by X-rays and Blood Tests. Physical and occupational therapies are frequently used as a cure of this disease.

Diet plays a vital role in the cure of Rheumatoid Arthritis. There are certain foods that may be allergic for the patient. So, such foods are completely avoided, otherwise they may worsen the situation. Consumption of healthy diet must be of prior importance. Moreover, patient should try to have complete control over weight because obesity when coupled with arthritis may promote some other serious disorders. One of the recent study shows that there is a direct relationship between the consumption of red meat and the likely hood of developing arthritis.

However, it may vary from one victim to another that some are allergic to one item. It is not equally important that other victim will be. For example, some patients of arthritis are allergic to flour whereas others may be not. So, nutritional therapy varies from one patient to another. Allergic items should be eliminated from the diet. Green vegetables, carrots, fresh and natural fruits than packed, seaweeds, potassium broth, brown rice, oat, millet, barely and cold water fishery should e included in diet.

Green tea helps in the prevention of this disease. Moreover, intake of those food items that are high in vitamin C helps to protect against inflammations. Some measures are pointed here that must be followed by the victims of Rheumatoid Arthritis to have complete control over the disease.

These generally include:

  • Sufferers of arthritis should avoid eating those foods that contain high salt and sugars.
  • Junk foods should be totally restricted.
  • Tea and coffee should be avoided because of high caffeine contents.
  • Canned fruits and packed items full of additives must be avoided.
  • Nightshade family foods including pepper, tobacco, tomatoes, egg plant and potatoes should be completely avoided.
  • Calcium inhibitors like salt, refined sugars, egg, red meat and chicken must be eliminated.

Top Herbal Remedies For Joint Pains

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One of the tell-tale signs of arthritis is joint pain. This is primarily caused by the inflammation of the joints. The cause of the problem primarily centers on the bursae. This is the sac that acts as a cushion to the bones. They are usually found in the junctions of the bones. They prevent the bones from rubbing together. When the bursae sacs are inflamed, they cause unbearable pain.

Most pharmacological treatments that can relieve the symptoms of arthritis have side effects. This is the reason why many people shy away from these remedies. The side effects are nearly as unbearable as the symptoms.

You should consult your doctor and ask for alternative treatments. Ask your doctor if you can switch to more natural treatments such as herbal remedies for joint pains. The following are some helpful herbal remedies you would want to try:

  1. Devil’s clawThis herb is one of the most used herbs in treating common diseases. It has shown remarkable benefits in alleviating joint and muscle pains. Moreover, it also helps treat a number of serious illnesses. It is called Devil’s claw because of its shape. Since antiquity, it has often been used to treat body pains. It is also helpful in lowering cholesterol levels and diminishing high levels of uric acid. As you know, a high level of uric acid in the body is the main cause of gout.
  2. Lemon juiceNobody really considers lemon juice as a pain killer. But this can actually help alleviate the various symptoms of arthritis. It is packed in Vitamin C, the vitamin that works well in preventing inflammation in the body. Moreover, this vitamin enhances the benefits of other vitamins and minerals in the system. Try drinking lemonade with honey in it for better results.
  3. Turmeric powderThis powder can be taken daily to help treat joint inflammation problems. It has antioxidative properties that can drive free radicals away from the body. Studies have also shown that using it as a topical treatment can immediately improve the condition of joint pain sufferers. It provides temporary relief.
  4. Carrot juiceDrinking carrot juice daily can ward off numerous diseases including joint pains. It is a great source of beta carotene. This is a derivative of Vitamin A. This vitamin helps improve the strength of the ligaments.

I am sure you can find more herbal for joint pains that can really help a lot. But before you try these remedies out, you should consult your doctor first. If you are under medications, the drugs you are taking might interact adversely with the herbs.


What Is Chronic Costochondritis?

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Chronic costochondritis is often mistaken for Tietze’s syndrome. It is important to know that the two conditions are not alike. Tietze’s syndrome is different for there will be notable inflammation or swelling on the affected rib joint or costosternal joint. Although costocondritis is caused by an inflammation of the cartilage, the inflammation is not severe enough that it will result to an obvious and palpable swelling of the rib cage.

  • Ordinary or acute costochondritis can be caused by repeated microtrauma on the chest, injury to the sternum, and even as a complication a surgery performed at the sternum. Usually the condition can last for hours to days. However, prolonged chest wall pain can lead to chronic costochondritis.
  • Chronic costochondritis is often believed to be due to fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a medical disorder where there is chronic spread of pain and heightened perception to pressure.

Chronic chostochondritis does not always have to be caused by Fibromyalgia. Once costochondritis affects you for a long period of time that span from months to years, it is thereby considered as chronic. The treatment can still be the same as with acute chostochondritis, such as NSAID’s for pain relief. Some combine muscle relaxants with pain medications to help ease chest wall pain. If these do not work, then an injection of local anesthetic combined with cortisone is given by the doctor if the pain is so severe and debilitating. Severe measures can be chest wall surgery that involves removal of the cartilage that causes the pain.

Some patients often fear that they are suffering from a heart attack as costochondritis can mimic the symptoms of a heart attack. Symptoms often include pain when breathing deeply, coughing, lifting heavy objects, or doing something that you are not accustomed of doing. The nature of the pain is the same with both acute and chronic costochondritis. The pain can be dull, allowing you to do your work with discomfort. Other times, the pain can be so severe, you would have to sit down and rest to calm your breathing and ease the pain. You must go for a check-up, however, if you have a history of heart disease and you experience chest wall pain. Chest pain is considered an emergency and should be seen to the doctor right away to rule out the presence of a heart attack.


Cures For Arthritis Vary Depending On The Type That A Person Has

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There are more than 100 types and also several differing treatments and cures for arthritis. It has been said that arthritis is the number one disabling disease in the US. There are more than 45 million Americans that suffer from it or from arthritis type symptoms. Since there are so many different forms of arthritis, it is important to get a correct diagnosis for the proper treatment.

So, what is arthritis, exactly? It can be identified with symptoms of limited joint function, swelling, joint stiffness, redness and tenderness in the joint areas. Some forms of arthritis can be extremely debilitating and even deadly. Therefore, the cure for arthritis may be only to find the proper treatment to make a person in as little pain as possible. Osteoarthritis is the most common type and usually shows up in people over forty. It attacks women more than men and can get worse and worse if left untreated. Rheumatoid arthritis usually affects children and young adults.

What are the causes of arthritis? It is really difficult to diagnose because there are several different signs that contribute to different people having this common disease. Genes may play a role in whether or not someone develops it, however, no one is really sure to what extent. Being overweight can put a burden on the joints which can cause the hips and knees to wear out. Other causes can be because of athletics, having a high demand job that may require heaving lifting and physical stress, infections and illnesses as well as being a victim of previous injury can lead to arthritis.

How to find the right treatments or cures for arthritis is really going to depend on the symptoms. A health professional should be seen for a correct diagnosis. Then, the proper treatment or cure can be started to help alleviate the pain. Often when arthritis strikes, anti-inflammatory drugs are introduced. Most physicians will also suggest stretches and exercises to relieve the joints and help them loosen up and feel less painful.

No matter what type of arthritic condition a person has, there are treatments and cures for arthritis that can help. Whether they suffer from serious arthritis issues, lifelong pain, or something that flares up once in a while, there are many different drugs available to help. In severely painful occurrences, some individuals may need to resort to surgery that can help them recover from the arthritis pain.


Medical Gout

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If there’s one affliction that nobody wants to suffer from, it is none other than gout. This medical condition will literally wake you up in the middle of the night, with your joints feeling swollen and the pain being so intense, that it can last for up to 24 hours. But why is it that gout is a condition which a lot of people are still suffering from? It could be a combination of your eating habits and lifestyle. Heredity can even be a factor, because if one of your family members is affected by gout – you can possibly become affected, too.

Medical Gout: The Basics

Medical gout is actually a complex form of arthritis. The root cause of this medical condition is the formation of urate acids which can crystallize around the joints – making them inflamed and swollen. The result is unbearable pain, inflammation and redness around the affected area.

Depending on where gout develops, the joints which can become affected include your fingers, feet, knees, elbows and wrists. If the pain wakes you up in the middle of the night, it could be that these joints will already feel warm, tight, a bit red and tender.

What are My Treatment Options for Medical Gout?

Now that you already have an idea about the basics of gout, what are the possible treatment options for it? Basically, the medication that a doctor may prescribe once you are affected with gout will deal with the pain associated with it. This is because the crystallization of urate around your joints is something that cannot really be resolved within a short period of time – unless you make some drastic lifestyle changes.

Some of the treatment options that you have when it comes to medical gout include non-steroidal inflammatory drugs. The maximum dose of these medications is given to relieve acute symptoms. If this is the treatment option prescribed for you, the medication should be taken within 48 hours in the least.

Another drug which reduces inflammation is Colchicine – which can prevent recurring gout pain attacks. You can also opt for the injection of Corticosteroids, which needs to be injected into the muscles everyday.

For the most part, leaving gout untreated will result to more complex health problems so you need to be aware of what medications are out there. Each case of gout is different, so you need to have your condition checked by a doctor and not simply go for a generic treatment. Finally, making some much-needed lifestyle changes will prevent the condition from worsening. In the fight against gout, it is entirely up to you if you want to control the disease or let the disease control you – so learn how to triumph over it.