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Arthritis Pain Management

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What is the impact of the pain in your life? How paralyzing is the pain and how does it keep you from living a better life? First it is important to know what type of condition or arthritis you have. Then you can make a plan to control it and more importantly to understand it. The pain is your body’s alarm system telling you that something is wrong.

Pain is a call to action. For example if you cut yourself, the nerves in that area will release a signal telling your brain that something is wrong. There are many types of pain just as there are many types of Arthritis and it may vary from day to day.

You will probably try many different types of Pain Relief (Joint ease plus) before you find the one that works properly and makes you feel better. These treatments can be various Natural Products or types of therapy that will help you to feel better and moderate or eliminate your pain.

Consistent pain like that which accompanies arthritis and fibromyalgia is sometimes more difficult to manage, because of the continuous nagging feelings and the thoughts that go with those feelings. This can keep you locked into a condition for a very long time that may not be necessary. Your thoughts and emotions can affect your energy level, your attitude and the way people around you react to your condition.

Your pain travels through a system of nerves in your brain and spinal cord. At various times your body tries to stop these signals by creating “chemicals” that help block pain signals. These chemicals, called endorphins, are morphine-like painkilling substances that decrease the pain sensation. The times this happens can greatly depend on your thoughts. When your concern is greater over something outside of yourself (such as a family emergency,) your awareness of your own pain can diminish. Learning to Focus (brain tonic for focus) and take control of our thoughts is a difficult task. Scientists have proven that we can

There are many forms of Arthritis, such as gout, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease or degenerative arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Anyone who lives with, or knows someone who has this debilitating disease knows how painful and life-affecting it can be. They also know how costly it can be to “manage” arthritis with expensive medications, such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), some of which result in terrible side-effects, have known dangerous health risks, such as increased risk for heart attack and stroke, and which decrease in effectiveness over time, if they were even effective to begin with.


7 Delicious Natural Remedies for Gout

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Did your doctor say you shouldn’t eat red meat or drink wine?

Don’t be sad. Restrictions are not always a bad thing, because they force you to get creative. Ask this instead: “Which foods are natural remedies for gout and tasty at the same time?”

Out of the many natural remedies my uncle George (a veteran gout sufferer) shared with me, I selected a couple of delicious ones for you. You can create different menus that can appeal even to those without your diet “restrictions”.

From spring until late autumn, nature is very generous and gives you a whole variety of fruits and vegetables for gout to choose from.

Easy uric acid herbal cleanser recipe
For example, spring is the perfect time for a Nettle and Dandelion cleanse of the whole body.

Besides its vitaminising, haemostatic and hypoglycemic actions, Nettle leaves are an excellent uric acid cleanser. They are recommended by phytotherapists as one of the best natural remedies for gout.

Make an infusion from a tablespoon of fresh Nettle leaves in 1-cup boiling water. Drink 3 cups of tea per day.

Tasty salads
Some vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, lentils, oatmeal, navy beans, lima beans, kidney beans, peas or spinach have high levels of purines. You should avoid them, or eat them in small amounts.

Instead, prepare your favorite salad and spice it up with parsley, dill, bay leaves, tarragon or lovage. You can also season the salad with other natural remedies for gout – lemon juice and olive oil.

Cherries and Gout
Do you like cherries? I remember, back when I was a child, my uncle George, a gout sufferer, and I both shared my grandparents cherry tree.

Phytotherapists call it the “cherry diet”. You can even say to friends that it is mandatory. How many cherries do you have to eat? 2 pounds / 1 kilogram of cherries a day, over a period of 3 weeks would be ideal.

Cherries do not only reduce the proportion of uric acid in the blood. They also remineralize the body, improve the digestion and limit or eliminate the inflammatory processes and alleviate the pain.

Beside cherries, you can enjoy another delicious fruit in mid summer.

Watermelons contain potassium, which neutralizes uric acid and lots of vitamin C, which has been shown to lower uric acid levels.

In the fall, don’t miss grapes. Eat as many as you can, because they contain quercitin, a potent flavonoid.

The great thing about flavonoids is that they contain anti-inflammatory properties which can relieve gout pain.

Another treat in the autumn is Celery. It is known as “rheumatism sweep” due to its anti-inflammatory effects. It works as a blood cleanser, removing toxins and excess uric acid from the body, which alleviates gout pain.

Make 2 glasses of celery root juice (no more than 300 ml / 10 oz per day) and carrot juice. Drink the juice in the morning, on an empty stomach, over a period of 3-4 weeks.

You can also make a salad from finely chopped celery leaves. They have the same depurative and properties as the root.

“Gout free” tea
Another simple method to cleanse the blood from excess uric acid is to drink a tea with depurative and diuretic properties.

Peppermint, green tea, birch, black berries are the most recommended natural remedies for gout in the “tea category”.

Keep in mind a couple of “rules” when choosing gout foods:
– Drink a lot of water,
– Eat vegetables and fruits with vitamin C, potassium and phosphorus and
– Avoid foods high in purines.


Gout Symptoms

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Gout is the condition in which joints may experience minor arthritic inflammations which are accompanied by various gout symptoms such as swelling, irritation, and a burning sensation. Excess uric acid in the blood will sometimes crystallize and be deposited onto joints and other areas of the body.

Here are some of the most common gout symptoms associated with this painful and aggravating condition:

Joint tenderness.

Joints that are affected by this condition tend to become swollen, irritated, hot, and very tender to the touch. Often times when this type of condition is experienced, individuals will have a tough time performing even the simplest of activities. One common form of this condition is called Podagra, which is the formation of hot, swollen, red, painful discomfort in the joint of the big toe, can make wearing shoes and walking quite difficult.

Extreme pain.

Patients who struggle with this condition will sometimes experience extreme pain that is completely immobilizing and aggravating. Often times gout symptoms seem to start during the nighttime and become gradually worse until even the lightest touch against a tender joint can cause excruciating pain. Studies suggest that the pain is worse at night because the body temperature is lower at that time.

Long lasting arthritic symptoms.

Often times gout symptoms will develop and then slowly fade away after a couple days. Intensity of the symptoms typically will increase as time goes on and can vary based on the severity of the condition of the joints.

Itching and peeling of the skin.

One of the other more common issues that patients deal with when gout symptoms finally start to disappear is itchy and peeling skin around the affected areas. This can also be a rather aggravating experience, especially if the skin beneath the peeling skin is not fully healed.

Red skin.

One of the other common symptoms that are associated with Gout is the formation of red skin around the affected joints. This is more commonly noticeable in the joint of the big toe.


Another symptom that can accompany the other gout symptoms is fever, which is commonly experienced when there is an infection present that the body is trying to fight off.

Reduced mobility.

Those who have to deal with Gout often experience periods of reduced mobility due to the intensity of the pain and the tenderness of swollen affected joints. Often times the slightest touch to an affected area can cause wincing pain which is enough to make one want to try their best not to move during the onset of symptoms.

Gout symptoms that are experienced can vary from person to person, and many times no two cases are the same. The intensity of the conditions will most likely vary and can be experienced shortly after an illness was present in the body. Individuals who recently had surgery are also susceptible to this condition.

In many cases the onset occurs long after uric acid has been building up in the blood stream and the joints have already been experiencing a significant amount of crystallized buildup.

Some of the areas that can be infected include feet, ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, and other areas. One thing to keep in mind is that many of the conditions commonly associated with Gout are also common symptoms of other issues, so it’s important that you consult with a physician in order to determine if it is a condition that you are dealing with.


How to Cure Gout

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So you want to know how to cure gout? The fact is, there is no cure for gout. The good news is that gout is the easiest form of arthritis to treat and the pain can be eliminated fairly easily, sometimes within 24 hours. I’ve got some gout remedies for you that will knock out your gout pain fast and easy because they treat the underlying cause of gout, the build up of uric acid crystals in your joint, as well as the pain.

1. Charcoal Ingestion

The first and perhaps the most direct way to combat gout with charcoal is to ingest it. No, I don’t mean eating charcoal chunks straight out of the bag, you have to mix just a little bit of it with water. Take 1/2 to 1 tsp. of charcoal and mix it with a reasonable amount of liquid of your choice and drink it. If you’re having a tough time, try mixing it with a really strong-tasting liquid to mask the taste of charcoal.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

You may not have heard of this before but apple cider vinegar is one of the best ways to naturally balance the body’s ph. If you are experiencing a gout attack then you can also take 1 cup of vinegar and 6 cups of water and soak your affected joint in it. This will help with the swelling and the pain.

Another great way to use apple cider vinegar is to take 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it with a glass of water. Drink this three times a day. This is great as a preventative measure or to supplement your other gout cures during an attack.

3. Cherries

Cherries contain anthocyanins which are a natural anti – inflammatory agent and work similar to how prescription medication does to reduce swelling and inflammation. Cherries are also a natural way to reduce the amount of uric acid in the body, making them practically a two in one way to cure gout.

Bonus Tip: Charcoal Compact

Another easy way to use charcoal for gout is to make a compact using it. For this you will need a special type of charcoal known as activated charcoal and some flax seeds. Take several teaspoons of flax seeds and add them to 1 cup of activated charcoal. Now slowly mix in warm water and grind it up until a paste is formed. Take this paste and apply it directly to the affected area and cover with a cloth. As mentioned before, charcoal does stain so use a cloth you won’t mind throwing out.


Aching Joint Relief

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When millions of people suffer from arthritis and disorders of the joints, and you are one of those millions, your life has been devastated by one of the many forms of this disease. What is needed is a supplement that has been designed to work within the cartilage matrix to bring you the bone and joint pain relief you are looking for. A supplement that will relieve joint pain, inflammation and will improve mobility and flexibility.

One in five adults in America have some form of arthritis or other joint disease, and after 35, arthritis is one of the top health conditions. When you are living with these conditions you are constantly looking for a way to gain relief from the pain and suffering that they can cause. To get better joint flexibility you need to exercise, but that isn’t your only choice. Don’t just mask the pain, go to the source and treat the cause with an all-natural supplement that has been designed to give you the natural joint-pain relief you can count on.

Arthritis and joint disorders come from a variety of conditions, but the one that effects you the most is that your body is aging. Over time sports and heavy daily activities cause stress to your skeletal systems that can leave you with joint pain and disorders. This can lead to arthritis.

Physical adjustments to your body are a way of controlling these discomforts, but they should be supplemented with an all-natural alternative that will provide long lasting relief. Of all of the supplements available, you need one that will assist in as many areas as possible to provide you with the best results.

The nourishing of the joints and connective tissues with collagen can assist with pain management of degenerative tissues such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. This protein is a vital and necessary ingredient to maintain and/or improve joint health, muscular strength, and joint flexibility. Maintaining or improving joint health is a concern for 71% of the general population.

If you currently have joint pain and are suffering from degenerative joint disease or arthritic conditions, Better Joints AF Capsules, made from all-natural ingredients, are 100% safe with no undesirable side effects. These capsules have no adverse effects or interactions with other medications or supplements. Better Joints AF Capsules are a safe and all-natural alternative that will replenish the collagen lost during cartilage breakdown and give you joint pain relief.


Herbs That Help For Arthritis Relief

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There are many herbs which have been proven to help in relieving arthritis. Each of these herbs is supposed to be consumed in a particular way to get the best results. Let’s discuss few herbs which are beneficial for the arthritis patients.

1. Alfalfa -Alfalfa is an herb rich in vitamins and minerals and is great for the patients who feel a little low on energy and lack stamina. It is also known to reduce inflammation. Capsules of this herb are available in the market and it can be consumed in its natural form by brewing it with tea.

2. Arnica -This is available in the form of oil to massage on the area affected by arthritis. This herb is also known as leopard’s bane and is a great pain reliever. It is also used in many commercial pain reliving ointments.

3. Devil’s Claw – This is an ancient herb which has been traditionally used by people in Africa to cure arthritis. It is known for its properties to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. Devil’s Claw also reduces the accumulation of uric acid in our body which is the main cause of a gout attack. This herb can also be brewed as tea or consumed as capsules.

4. Ginger -A very common ingredient in food especially in the countries in South-East Asia, ginger is very beneficial for the people suffering from arthritis. Ginger is a great natural antioxidant which prevents the cartilage breakdown. Consuming this herb is really easy as it can be added in the food or brewed as tea without any special effort.

5. Willow – Known as the herbal aspirin Willow Bark possesses salicin which is the primary ingredient of aspirin tablets. Willow bark can be consumed as tea and is a great pain reliever. It is also very much effective in relieving inflammation. This herb is also beneficial because unlike aspirin you don’t risk getting ulcer or stomach problems.

6. Rosemary – This herb is often used in many European dishes and is a favorite because of it anti-inflammatory properties. It is also brewed into tea. Rosemary’s leaves possess acids like earnosol, oleanolic acid, rosmarinic acid, and ursolic acid which are found to be very effective in arthritis as they are anti-inflammatory.

7. Wintergreen – The scientific name of this herb is Gaulteria procumbens and it is a traditional herb used by Native-American tribes to cure arthritis. Wintergreen contains a compound called methyl-salicylate which is very harmful if used in the oil or concentrated form. Therefore, it should be consumed only as a dried herb. The leaves of this plant are boiled in water and then the water is kept to steep for some time. This liquid is then consumed three times a day for about three weeks. After giving it up for a weak, start consuming it again for the next three weeks.


Oral Pain Medication Helps Relieve Arthritis Pain

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Arthritis pain affects millions of people worldwide everyday and it’s often very painful. You might associate arthritis with old age but it can affect anyone. Many athletes have a form of arthritis in the joints they use often, such as their knees, backs and hands. There are many conventional and traditional forms of dealing with the arthritis pain. If you are finding your current treatment is not providing the same level of relief it used to or you want to try something new, you should look into oral pain medication. It might not sound like an oral medication would work on arthritis, but the goal of reducing inflammation and pain is very similar.

Why Switch to Oral Pain Relief?

The traditional and popular way of treating pain associated with arthritis is normally to take pills or use creams that contain NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. Used over the long term, these medications can have bad side effects like stomach ulcers, digestive and circulatory problems. But pain relief from arthritis can be found through other, more natural options as well with little to no side effects in the short or long term.

If you are nervous about trying something new or are just not convinced that a spray will be tough enough for your pain, you might be happy to know that there is a 30 day, unconditional, 100% money back guarantee.

Why it Works

Oral spray pain relief medications are made with low amounts of ibuprofen mixed with natural herbs and flowers. Feverfew flower extract, ginger root and ginko biloba are just a few of the common natural herbs popular in homeopathic pain relief. All three of these are known to naturally ease pain and have anti-inflammatory properties. Because these medications are in spray form they provide fast and effective relief from pain and inflammation due to arthritics.

How it Works

Pain relief spray is a special solution that contains no oils or alcohols and is dispensed in a fine mist. Three to four sprays of the oral pain medication can bring you relief in as little as three minutes-not many medications can claim that. This fast relief is possible because the particles in the spray get absorbed into your blood stream so quickly. When compared to traditional medications that can take up to 90 minutes to give the sufferer relief, it almost seems like a miracle. Arthritis can cause regular pain in various places of the body, but no matter where you hurt, you can use the spry and get direct relief.

Don’t waste another day, hour or minute not enjoying your life because of arthritis pain. Every day activities that you love like gardening, running and playing with your kids can be an enjoyable, pain free experience. Go online and order an Oral pain medication today and start living the pain free life you’ve been dreaming of. After all, all you have to lose is your pain.


Will Alternative Treatment Methods Relive Osteo-Arthritis?

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There are lots of men and women around the globe who have got to withstand the anguish affiliated with joint pain. However, despite the fact that there are lots of over the counter as well as prescription treatments available they could cause uncomfortable side effects in most afflicted individuals. For this reason lots of people are currently deciding to check out utilizing an alternative treatment method with regard to rheumatoid arthritis instead.

Using alternative remedies a man or woman being affected by osteoarthritis finds out the treatment options that will help them to stop utilizing drugs which in turn will not function in conjunction with what they’re utilising presently. On the other hand, alternative remedies will help not only to give them pain relief but in addition increase their range of motions.

Yet in addition to this form of therapy pertaining to osteoporosis assisting the sufferer with pain relief it will also help them in different ways. Numerous learn that as time passes that their health and fitness increases overall as well as their well being is actually much better. This is usually due to the therapy concentrating not only around the spot impacted by the osteoporosis but the body in general.

The main reason why so many individuals are actually deciding to test natural methods for eliminating rheumatoid arthritis is really because they still really feel uncertain regarding many of the drugs prescribed by doctors. In actuality there are specific recommended prescription drugs which have been recommended as the solution for your rumatoid arthritis, however in actuality induce a lot more complications. For instance Vioxx is actually one such doctor prescribed medication which might help to ease the pain sensation associated with osteoporosis yet has led to quite a few users experiencing various other health issues among them problems to the heart as well as in some instances individuals enduring strokes.

In terms of the treatment of osteoporosis employing holistic approaches there are plenty of to pick from. However one that’s worthwhile considering is Tai Chi. By using this unique physical exercise you have to control the motion of one’s body since every thing has to be performed far more gradually. In addition the actual moves which you do necessitate your body to be stretched. Therefore when you perform the actual workout routines related to Tai Chi you’re working not merely the actual joints but in addition the muscle groups around them. This with time helps make these locations substantially tougher plus much more mobile.


How Exercise Helps You Deal With Arthritis

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Do you frequently feel incapacitated because of very painful joints? You may be suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints in common areas such as the ankles and the knees. If you have this ailment, then you know how painful it can be. However, the good news is that exercise can help you deal with it. So many people have found relief from arthritic pain from just 30 minutes of exercise each day. Here are more reasons why you should exercise when you feel you have arthritis.

Since exercise strengthens your muscles and bones, it will make your body stronger against diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis. When you exercise, your bones become denser and more durable. Your muscles, which are attached to your bones, maintain their optimal function. Your circulatory system also works more efficiently. It follows that your blood will deliver oxygen and remove wastes from your body effectively. In a nutshell, if your musculo-skeletal system is improved, you will be able to cope with arthritis better.

Another benefit of exercise is to improve sleep. It is a fact that arthritic pain really disturbs a person’s sleep. If you exercise, you will be enhancing your sleep habits so you can deal with the pain especially at bedtime. Aside from this, you may also lose weight when you exercise regularly. Your body will be lighter and the pressure that your joints receive will also be minimized. This will greatly help alleviate the pain as well, and will help you regain strength for another day ahead of you.

In a psychological aspect, exercise will make a person have a positive concept about themselves. This will lead to a better perspective in life. If a person feels good about himself then he will be able to cope with crisis and develop solutions to problem easily. That way, even if you will be experiencing pain from time to time, you would know what to do and you will be satisfied with what you are doing because you will be more confident about facing trials and providing solution to them.

If you have arthritis and you find it hard for you to go to the gym, then there’s nothing to really worry about because you can still exercise at home and still benefit greatly. You can do easy range of motion exercises or you can do brisk walking. You can even buy your own home fitness equipment so that you can have convenience in doing the routines that are right for you. You might want to consult a physician or a therapist before you start exercising so you can be sure that what you will be doing will bring you benefits.


Gout Treatment

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There are two main types of gout treatment: drug-based and natural home remedies. Drug-based gout treatment you usually get prescribed by your doctor to relieve pain and inflammation, plus, drugs to help reduce uric acid levels in the blood.

As an alternative, there are natural gout treatments that you can use that don’t have the side effects of drugs but can be very effective in eliminating the symptoms of a gout attack and helping to keep gout at bay.

Problems With Drug Gout Treatment

The basic problems with drugs for gout is that they can have horrible side effects, and, they don’t address the root cause(s) of gout; diet, lifestyle, weight, some medications, underlying medical conditions, family history etc. So that although they can help the symptoms they can’t prevent gout once you come off them.

Benefits of Natural Gout Treatment

Natural gout treatment can be very effective in both reducing gout symptoms and preventing gout attacks from occurring in the first place. Now, there are lots and lots of natural gout remedies you can try. And some work better than others. You just need to discover which is the best natural gout treatment regimen for you.

To help you on your way, here is a very popular home remedy for gout that many sufferers have found to be very effective

Natural Gout Treatment – Cherries and Cherry Juice

Cherries are known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and are also known to be able to reduce uric acid levels in the blood. This makes them one of the most popular and effective gout home remedies.

During a gout attack eat between 30 to 40 cherries every 4 hours or so until your symptoms have abated. In between attacks you can eat 30 to 40 cherries every day for maintenance.

You can also take cherries in the form of natural cherry juice. Note that this isn’t the juice you find in a can of cherries from the supermarket. This juice you get from health food stores. You can also get the juice in concentrated form. Ask the owner about dosage.

Even although cherries are great for both reducing the symptoms of gout during an attack and lowering uric acid to help prevent gout, they aren’t enough on their own to truly prevent you suffering recurrent gout attacks.

And you definitely have to prevent these ongoing attacks as they can eventually cause permanent joint damage, kidney problems and hypertension. And because you’ve already had at least one gout attack, you’re now extremely likely to have more.