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Medical Treatment For Arthritis

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Medications aimed and alleviating arthritis symptoms and treating arthritis’ debilitating effects and deterioration processes are being continuously developed.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It may involve damage to the joints in the knees, hip and wrists. Although usually diagnosed in the elderly, people as young as 25 can develop osteoarthritis in any joint.

There is no cure for this disease and medical treatments may provide relief of symptoms and improvement in quality of life. This disease takes its toll on physical functioning leading to disability and handicap while more and more the patient is dependent on others to walk and climb stairs.

For effectively reducing pain and inflammation in the affected joints the conventional medical treatment is with Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs known as NSAIDs. These drugs are not steroids however patients should be warned that long term treatment with these medications has been found to cause serious side effects as internal bleeding, hypertension (high blood pressure), congestive heart failure (heart attack) and damage to the kidneys.

Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis are chronic joint diseases. Medications for treating these more severe types of arthritis are aimed at stopping, preventing, and even reversing bone and cartilage changes occurring as the disease worsens.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an example of a destructive arthritis. This progressive disease causes swelling of the joints. A continuing process of inflammatory attacks on the bones membrane causes bone erosion often leading to irreversible joint damage. This inflammatory condition can lead to considerable disability and severe degrees of joint pain. The severity of this structural bone damage can be predicted according to the severity of the inflammation, the number of swollen joints, or the duration of morning stiffness. Bone and cartilage damage is rapid and dynamic after disease onset. In most patients this structural bone damage occurs within the first year of the disease. Therefore the key to effective treatment begins with early diagnosis.

To treat this process, by effectively controlling the inflammation and reversing the structural damage to the bones, a specific medicine was developed. These are known as conventional Disease-Modifying Anti-rheumatic Drugs or DMARDs.

Ankylosing spondylitis another chronic joint disease involves inflammation in the sacroiliac joints and the spine. As the disease progresses the patient suffers from ongoing back pain stiffness. Medical treatments for Ankylosing spondylitis are physiotherapy and medication as Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs).

Psoriatic arthritis patients in addition to the inflammatory arthritis process also suffer from psoriasis on their skin. In most cases they first suffered from psoriasis which later worsened to psoriatic arthritis however in some patients the psoriasis symptoms occurred after the development of the arthritis disease. In addition to joint inflammation and psoriasis on their skin these patients often also have changes in their nails as pitting or ridging. This disease also leads to severe damage to the joints and handicap overtime.

The latest medications developed for treating these three chronic joint diseases Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis and Ankylosing spondylitis are called Tumor Necrosis Factor α blockers (TNF α blockers). These are biologically specific therapies which have essentially revolutionized the treatment of inflammatory arthritis diseases by effectively controlling disease symptoms and progression.

Depending on the case the patient can be treated with TNF α blockers alone or in what as known as combination therapy together with Disease-Modifying Anti-rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs). Although TNF α blockers are very effective in treating the disease especially if the treatment begins in the early stages of the disease, this treatment often causes side effects as the development of serious infections requiring hospitalization.


What’s a “Sausage Finger”?

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Many types of arthritis can cause a sausage digit. The technical term for this is “dactylitis.

This is not the kind of sausage you would have with your eggs and pancakes.

Sausage digits are typically seen in conditions such as psoriatic arthritis (the arthritis that accompanies psoriasis), Reiter’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and occasionally ankylosing spondylitis. Of these, psoriatic arthritis is probably the most common culprit. Dactylitis means inflammation of an entire finger or whole toe.

It is caused by inflammation involving the synovium (lining of the joint) as well as the lining of the tendon sheath. Tendons are tough fibrous bands that connect muscles to bones. Most tendons glide through a lubricated sheath lined with synovium. When the synovium in the joint and the tendon sheath becomes inflamed, the entire finger or toe will swell.

The tendons that are most often affected are the tendons that allow a person to bend or flex their fingers or toes.

If a patient has dactylitis, their prognosis is poorer in that the joints are more likely to sustain damage. The presence of dactylitis indicates a greater chance for disease progression.

Early on, dactylitis may be extremely painful. However, over time, as destructive changes occur, the inflamed tissue is replaced with bony deformity and the dactylitis no longer causes severe pain. However, the swelling persists.

The presence of dactylitis should prompt a diagnostic workup. Diagnosis can be substantiated by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Recently, diagnostic ultrasound has also been found to be helpful.

The treatment of dactylitis depends on the number of digits affected. If only a few fingers or toes are involved, ultrasound-guided steroid injection can be helpful for the acute situation.

However, the more important part of treatment is to initiate disease modifying therapy as soon as possible.
Generally, the dactylitis is often accompanied by enthesitis. This is inflammation at tendon insertions such as the Achilles tendon, patellar tendon (the tendon that connects the kneecap to the tibia-lower leg bone, and the iliac crest.

Every disease that causes dactylitis is a systemic disease. This is because the underlying pathology involves an abnormal immune response. So other organ systems can become affected. An example is the eye where uveitis- inflammation of the middle layer of the eye- can occur. Uveitis is a potentially serious complication that can lead to blindness.

Institution of drugs like methotrexate or sulfasalazine (Azulfidine) may be useful.

However, most patients will require the use of biologic therapies.


Discover the Treatment for Gout

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What is the treatment for gout? Uric acid has been building up in your body for years. The damage has been done and now your living with excruciating pain. You want it to stop fast. You want and need answers now.

There are both traditional medical treatment for gout and more non traditional methods. In order to choose which path to follow it is up to you to do your research. The traditional gout treatment methods often prescribed by doctors will be reviewed here. Many of you may have followed them with different measures of success. For those of you wanting to seek out other options I will provide a link to further information.

There are basically to different areas you need to be concerned with. What do I do right now in the midst of an attack. I’ve waken up in the most unbearable pain imaginable and I want it to stop. How do I decrease my gout pain? The next area is how do I prevent future occurrences of gout. What do I change in my life to avoid having future attacks?

Ok, here’s a couple of tips for dealing with the pain in that moment of attack.

  • What you should be concerned with is reducing the inflammation. It is recommended that you rest and elevate the affected joints. Doing this until the attack eases and for 24 hours after can go a long way to help.
  • However, as most of you are probably thinking more than a few hours is a little unpractical. You can also use ice packs to ease your pain and reduce inflammation..
  • There are a number of medications (which I have spoken about in another article) that are often prescribed. One that should be avoided is aspirin. Although it is natural to think this would reduce your pain it can actually have the opposite effect. Aspirin may change the uric acid levels in your body and only make things worse.

Now what about long term. What can you do to help prevent future recurrences?

  • One of the things you need to do is drink plenty of water. I know you have heard it before, but the human body is about 60% water for adult men and 70% for adult women. It only goes to reason that a shortage of water in the body can throw many processes off balance.
  • Another commonly linked problem is obesity. Keeping your weight under control is important to many things and the prevention of gout is no different.
  • Controlling the types of foods you eat is important for the treatment of gout. Many foods will increase the levels of uric acid within your body.

Your doctor can talk to you about medications that may help reduce the levels of uric acid in your body.


Clinical Psychology: Your Ticket To Happiness

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Do you feel like stress is getting the best of you? Do you constantly feel like something is missing from your life? Are you constantly unhappy about the way your life is? Why not take a detour from the unhappy land with the help of a Clinical Psychologist? A good Clinical Psychologist will ensure they reduce your stress and improve your psychological and physical well being so that you lead a happy and fulfilling life.

As human beings we all constantly strive to be happy. However are you constantly feeling negative, stressed, or are still heavy heartened because of a traumatic experience? It is a common belief that admitting you have a problem is half the battle won. However it is a very difficult thing to admit them in the first place. And even if you have admitted you have a problem perhaps you are ashamed of going through counseling? Well, gone are the days when going to a shrink was looked down upon. In our contemporary society, seeking the help of a Psychologist is well internalized. The normalization of and acceptance of Clinical Psychology as a core Social Science genre have made it an acceptable phenomenon to visit them and enrich your life.

Furthermore, our society is becoming increasingly therapeutic in nature. Whereby therapeutic means remedy or cure driven. This makes it very easy to embrace your problem, especially psychological, which needs to be cured. Thus making it easier to admit you have a problem which needs to be cured. The best examples are, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Tara Reid etc. who after a public emotional meltdowns bounced back after going through a rehab program. There are numerous TV shows and talk shows which allow the participants to speak openly. Not to mention there are numerous self-help books which tap into your anger and guide you to direct that anger and stress or perhaps help you get over a traumatic experience. In addition to that, with many celebrities admitting their psychological meltdown and how rehab or counseling has helped them get over their problem. All this makes you feel it’s okay for you too to feel the way that you do. These shows, which are headed by leading Clinical Psychologists set out to enrich your life.

So, once you have decided you are ready for changing your life around and are looking to approach Clinical Psychologists, make sure you go to a good one. Good Clinical Psychologists ensure they:

* Work towards enriching both your psychological and physical well being. As they understand they both complement one another.

* Take a holistic approach towards your problems, the one that includes optimizing meditation techniques along with other psychological methods to address the underlying thoughts, emotions, relationship and your physical health which includes diet.

* Help you channel your anger and negativity into something more positive and thus help you feel optimistic.

* They specialize in working with clients of all ages dealing with various psychological and physical problems. So, whether you are diagnosed with Anxiety or suffer from depression or have relationship problems or perhaps you have an eating disorder, they understand the thought and emotional process behind these problems and are able to resolve these issues with ease.

Going to a good Clinical Psychologist, it will change your life for good. They will help you manage your stress better. And in addition to that, they will ensure your life will be filled with the much deserved happiness.


Rheumatoid Arthritis Natural Treatment

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Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that causes an inflammation of the joints, and sometimes other tissues and organs. There is one percent of the population in the world that have rheumatoid arthritis and three times more women are affected by it than men.

Symptoms normally start around the ages of forty to fifty; however younger or older people can also be affected. Rheumatoid arthritis is very painful, and will often result to the affected joints no longer being able to be used.

Natural Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Heat and Cold therapy: There are many doctors who recommend applying either heat or cold when one starts having joint pains. The cold therapy will help diminish the inflammation as well as the pain. However, when cold is used, it is important to not apply cold for more than fifteen minutes with a thirty minute break in between.

It is also suggested to use heat as this will act as a muscle relaxant and also stimulate the blood. When using heat therapy it is important to not make it too hot as one does not want to burn their skin. A hot tub or warm shower can also help ease the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Magnets: Many people say that magnets help with their pain associated to rheumatoid arthritis. There have been many reports that swear that these magnets work; however experts have been unable to figure out the reason why they work. However as anyone with rheumatoid arthritis knows, if there is a chance that it will help with the pain, it is worth a try.

Mind and Body Therapies: There are many mind and body techniques that can be adopted in order to help control the pain that comes with RA. As these types of techniques will help with stress management which will also improve a person`s sleep, the person will have a different perception of the pain.

These types of exercises include:

*Breathing exercises
*Progressive muscle relaxation
*Tai Chi
*Exercise Treatments for Arthritis Pain ReliefNatural Supplements for Rheumatoid ArthritisFlexcin is a great choice as a natural remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. Flexcin contains a natural ingredient called CM8 which acts as an anti-inflammatory, while also diminishing the swelling. After using it for four to five weeks, the pain caused by the swelling of the joints will have diminished.

Secondly, it acts as a lubricant for the joints. This will help the muscles and other tissue to move better, thus without restraint. It is also important to note that Flexcin is the only type of product of its kind that contains CM8.

Although Rheumatoid Arthritis Natural Treatment should not necessarily be used without other treatment, they can be helpful to be added with prescription medication if this is what the doctor thinks it`s best. That being said, it is never a good idea to make decisions about how to treat illnesses without consulting with a professional.


Gout Home Remedies – 3 Things That Will Work

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When someone has pain in their joints, swelling in the tendons, and even pain isolated to the big toe, it’s important to consider that they might be dealing with an ailment called gout. This problem manifest itself in people of all backgrounds and can sneak up on someone, making them feel far older than they are, and having to deal with problematic symptoms that seem to never go away.

There are a variety of treatments available for this malady, but most of them seem to not work out in many ways, especially since a lot of old fashion methods focus on the pain rather than the root cause. Anyone can take a painkiller, but to heal something deeper, it takes some savvy. Consider the following gout home remedies in your search for getting rid of the ailment forever.

  • The first things to check into are cherries. Cherries and berries of all types can have a great deal of effectiveness for those that are looking to cure themselves of the ailment. In fact, most people don’t even realize that berries contain so many powers, and can really pack a bunch in a small package, making them one of the best gout home remedies to explore. Aside from the standard vitamins, there is a great deal of flavor and potency involved with cherries.
  • A second home remedy that many people talk about when speaking on gout home remedies is to take a bath with Epsom salt. This type of salt is very unique in that it can bring down the swelling of painful areas as well as infuse the body with a natural healing power that is soaked deep into the joints and body. The salt needs to be mixed with hot or warm water and diluted to take full effect.
  • A third option to look into in regard to gout home remedies is green leafy vegetables. Not only are these healthy favorites amazing to eat, but also they can provide a great deal of flavonoids, vitamins, and so much more. Healing the ailment is rough without the powerful punch of these vegetables.

The above are just 3 items that seem to help those suffering with this ailment. If things progressively get worse, it might be time to visit a doctor. It’s important never to self diagnose unless absolutely sure. There are just too many variables to consider. Always look towards getting natural remedies before jumping on board with highly altered, chemically unstable options.