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Understanding Spinal Degeneration

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Spinal degeneration is a relentless degenerative process that is associated with misaligned bones of the spine known as subluxation. How do these bones become misplaced? It is easier than you might think. Research shows that most of it is caused by the build up of things you go through from day to day living. Slips, falls, accidents and other traumas can cause them. In addition to this poor posture or slouching, improper lifting, bending and twisting may also be the cause. Even poor sleeping habits can cause them.

If these misaligned bones are neglected, spinal degeneration will take its toll on the spine. Calcium deposits will start to form around the bones and the spinal joints will become fixated. This degeneration will progressively get worse over time if left uncorrected. There are three phases to this degenerative process.

Normally the spine should have curves in it. If you look at the human spine from the side it should look like and S with a forward curve in the neck, a reverse curve in the mid back and a forward curve in the low back. These proper spinal curves allow for stability of the spine and proper turning and bending of the spinal joints. There should be openings between the bones to allow nerve roots to exit the spine without interference. The edges of the bones should be smooth and well defined. This equal disc spacing is an indication of a healthy functioning spine.

In phase one of the degenerative process, there is a loss of the normal curves of the spine and the bones become misaligned. This causes a restriction of normal movement of the joints of the spine. The muscles and ligaments that attach the spine may become injured and stretched. Soft tissue inflammation and nerve irritation is also present. Pain and other symptoms may or may not be present.

As the bones of the spine are neglected over time, the degenerative process will progress into phase two. In this phase, years of calcium deposition are now present. Bone spurs become clearly visible around the joints. These bone spurs continue to form to fuse the joint. The surfaces around the bones are no longer smooth and well defined, but are now jagged and uneven. There is instability of the joints and more nerve irritation. Disc degeneration is also present.

After year of being neglected, complete fusion of the joints is present and phase three degeneration sets in. The openings where nerves exit the spine become obstructed resulting in permanent nerve irritation. This irreversible phase will often be correlated with other disease and dysfunction in the body.


Gout Home Remedies Can Mean Following a Better Diet

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When a gout sufferer looks to find relief from his gout he usually turns to his doctor first. At first the medication does work but as time goes on he finds he is also suffering from side effects that are not that pleasant. The hunt is then on for gout home remedies, since they usually address the problem without the side effects.

Gout home remedies may conjure up some different images of one working with some crazy concoctions and then eating, drinking or applying it to the affected area. Gout home remedies are not some mumbo jumbo, but it can just mean some changes in your diet and your everyday living.

Most people who suffer from gout find themselves on the heavy side. This is reasonable since most of the food associated with gout tends to be high in fat. If your diet consists of mainly food that is high in fat, it stands to reason that you are going to be on the heavy side. Foods that are high in fat usually are also high in a substance called purines which is another factor when it comes to gout.

When you eat foods that are high in purines your body then acquires high levels of uric acid which can form crystals around your joints especially the big toe. The kidneys are our body’s filtering system and are responsible for filtering out excessive uric acid. When a person is overweight the extra weight does place strain on their kidneys therefore they cannot work at the best. So knowing all this it may be a good idea to implement some gout home remedies so you can alleviate some of your pain caused from gout.

To start using some of these gout home remedies when it comes to your diet, it would be good to know what foods you should be avoiding or at least eating in moderation.


  • We tend to think that fish is good for us but not all fish is when it comes to gout. Fish such as mackerel, sardines, oysters, mussels and scallops have high levels of purines.
  • We know that beef is high in purines but even foods made from these types of meat such as broth, bouillon and gravies should be used in moderation.
  • Certain vegetables should also be avoided if you are a gout sufferer. Vegetables such as spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, peas and asparagus can be rich in purines also, so if implementing some gout home remedies you can leave them off the list.

So some foods that can be added to your list when trying gout home remedies would be the following:

  1. Blueberries
  2. Celery
  3. Pineapple
  4. Vitamin C rich foods – red cabbage, red bell peppers, tangerines, oranges and potatoes
  5. Water – at least 6 to 8 glasses a day
  6. Flaxseed, nuts and seeds

By following a better gout diet and by exercising more daily you will be implementing some gout home remedies and get your gout under control.


Get Relief From A Throbbing Toe

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It happens, usually in the middle of the night right in the middle of a great sleep. You are very rudely awakened by a very intense pain in your big toe. Even the weight of the bed sheets is causing you much discomfort. You are experiencing a gout attack and this is not your first one. Sure you had one but that was ages ago who would have thought it would happen again. If you had looked for some gout home remedies back then you would probably be able to hobble out to your kitchen now and find some relief. However since you did not prepare for this you are now going to have to suffer out the pain until you can get to a doctor.

There are many gout home remedies that a gout sufferer can implement in his battle against the agonizing pain of gout. However these gout home remedies are not going to give you instant gratification although some do claim to work relatively fast.

One of the easiest gout home remedies to implement is the intake of water. Everyone has access to water. Water helps keep your body hydrated plus it helps to flush out any toxins in your body. Nothing like drinking a lot of water and running to the bathroom on a constant basis but this does help flush out the unwanted uric acid in one’s body. Drinking water will also help feel like you are full so this will also help you to lose weight in the long run. Most people whom suffer from gout usually have a tendency to be overweight. Losing the extra weight will take pressure off your kidneys which is our body’s filtering system. Now are kidneys can perform at their peak.

There are other gout home remedies that you can use and they involve your diet. It is a good idea to avoid foods that are high in purines as purines seem to play a big role in gout. Usually foods that are high in fat tend to be high in purines. Foods such as salmon, bacon, heart and kidneys to mention a couple. The best way to see what in your diet can be causing your gout is to keep a daily record of what you are eating for at least two weeks. After that take a good look at what you are putting in your body and see if you can make any changes that will help.

When you make these changes in your diet you can keep a record of them also and see if some of the foods make more of an impact than others. Remember not all gout home remedies affect everyone the same way. Some are better than others.


What Are The Best Foods For Arthritis?

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In the past 50 years, people’s diets all over the world have substantially deteriorated. Today, more than ever before, people living in first world countries focus more on convenience than health. This has led to a ton of health problems and the rise of diseases such as, diabetes, and arthritis. Diet can be a great tool when it comes to eliminating arthritis.

A diet built to help beat arthritis should be rich in foods that assist our body in reducing its inflammation, and low in foods that can cause inflammation. It should also consist of nutrients and vitamins that can assist our body in the recovery of our broken down joint tissue.

Last, but not least, your diet should contain a high amount of anti-oxidants. These can help in many areas, but for our uses, there is a theory that free radicals can cause or contribute to all forms of arthritis and anti-oxidants help with their removal.

Anti-Inflammatory Alkaline Foods

For health reasons, a lot of people follow the alkaline diet. The alkaline diet has a ton of great health benefits, including: assisting the body’s ability to remove free-radicals; in-turn reducing our chances of disease and lessening the impact of stress on our body. For our purposes, the alkaline diet is a large part of an arthritis diet which is used to reduce our body’s creation of inflammation, as well as to provide us with the nutrients needed to rebuild lost or damaged tissue. Some of the best foods for arthritis are alkaline.

Alkaline foods are simply foods on one side of the pH scale and are some of the best foods for arthritis. PH is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity. The pH scale runs from 0-14 with seven, in the middle, being neutral. Everything below seven is acidic and everything above seven is alkaline. If we focus on consuming foods with a pH higher than seven, our body’s pH will rise, reducing the inflammation caused by chronic inflammation diseases.

Foods on the alkaline side are generally the more healthy foods, like green vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Meat is generally acidic, but some more so than others. It is important to realize that a food, which is acidic or alkaline outside the body, doesn’t necessarily have the same effect after it has been eaten and digested.

An example of this is citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are acidic by nature, but turn alkaline in the body due to their high content of alkaline vitamins.

Unfortunately, there are foods that are great for us is some ways, yet are acidic and can upset the pH balance we are trying to achieve with our arthritis diet. An example of this would be tomatoes. Tomatoes are good for you and can assist your body in the removal of free-radicals, but they are not one of the best foods for arthritis.

Alkaline foods

Most vegetables should be included amongst the best foods for arthritis and are usually alkaline. Alkaline vegetables include, but are not limited to: wheat grass, broccoli, parsley, garlic, raw spinach, barley grass, carrots, cucumbers, asparagus, lettuce, onions, peas, celery, okra, squash, corn, and celery.

Most fruits are also alkaline and include: apples, pears, lemons, limes, papayas, berries, melons, avocados, cherries, grapes, figs, kiwi, dates, and bananas.

Alkaline drinks

Even though drinks aren’t exactly foods for arthritis, they can serve as meal replacements as well great snacks to help fight arthritis.

Studies have shown that proper hydration can significantly reduce the level of inflammation in our bodies. If you wait until you feel thirsty to drink, then you are already dehydrated. This “wait until you’re thirsty” way of hydrating, is not considered adequate.

Along with a large number of health benefits, being properly hydrated can help cartilage hold onto its fluid, allowing it to become more of a cushion and less likely to become brittle and worn.

There are a wide variety of drink concoctions which you can whip up from basic household ingredients. Here are a few drinks you can whip up every day to help keep your body alkaline and reduce inflammation: Water with lemon or lime, mineral water (made with natural coral calcium packets or a re-mineralization and filtration system), pineapples juice, berry blends and apple cider vinegar.

These homemade drinks serve a double purpose of increasing our body’s pH, as well as hydrating us. If some of these water blends are too distasteful for you to consume on a daily basis, you can add a non-refined alkaline sugar, such as honey.

I would strongly recommend drinking these drinks without honey, or if you do add honey, only add a small amount. Sugars, including honey, can lead to unwanted weight gain. Extra weight, especially on a joint infected with arthritis, is something we want to avoid.

Excess weight can contribute to the development of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis, and increase the rate in which joints infected with arthritis deteriorate.