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The Heart and Erectile Dysfunction and New Zealand Viagra

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We will now get acquainted with one of the essential party guests, Mr. Heart. He is usually shy and a quiet achiever, just ticking away in the background although he is known to get a bit excited with some alcohol, exercise and of course, sex.

It may be getting clear by now that an erection is a cardiovascular event involving blood flow. Here is an interesting fact: your Dick is not a muscle but tissue that gets engorged with blood. You will And out all about this in Step 5. So, you can ignore all those peddlers selling elongation or strengthening your Dick’s muscle. The ultimate determinant of blood flow is of course the heart: Mr. Heart to you and me.

Your heart is basically a muscle pump that is controlled by electricity. It has two upper and two lower sections called chambers. The directional flow of blood between the chambers is directed by valves. Electrical charges contract the upper chambers and half a second later contract the lower chambers in synchrony. These time delayed synchronous contractions give it its pumping function New Zealand Viagra Shop. In simple terms, blood enters the upper chambers, and is pumped by the lower chambers to your lungs to pick up oxygen and to your body including your Dick. An erection is therefore totally dependent on allowing this pumped blood flow to engorge your Dick. So, we’d better get Mr. Heart onside. Because if Mr. Heart is not happy how can we party?

In fact, Mr. Heart and Mr. ED dislike each other so much, we now have a chicken and egg situation a heart condition will usually affect ED and now researchers have found ED to be a strong predictor of cardiovascular disease. According to a 2010 study in the Journal of the American Heart Association, men with ED were 1.6 times more likely to suffer from a serious cardiovascular problem such as a heart attack or stroke. It makes sense because the blood vessels in your Dick are a lot smaller than other parts of the body. For example, the main blood vessels in your heart are probably around 4mm, whereas they are probably around 1mm in your Dick. Therefore, any vascular issues are easier to develop in your Dick first For example for heart disease, research has shown that ED can precede heart disease by maybe three to five years. And this is not just for atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) but could also indicate other problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or, any other heart issues. So, the first instances of ED should be taken seriously for further investigation and this should be treated with urgency if you are under 40.

Some men are unlucky and suffer from genetic heart issues such as holes in the heart, valve problems and even with the timing of the electricity charges. These are clearly unfortunate situations where blood flows are affected and the heart issues have to be fixed first. But, for most men, heart issues will develop with age and lifestyle experience. With advancing age you need to get Mr Heart all the help he needs as anything that is good for him is bound to be good for your Dick getting erect. My Lifestyle and Nutrition advice in Step 6 is good for both. Let’s look at the most common developed condition affecting Mr Heart.