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Gout Home Remedies Can Mean Following a Better Diet

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When a gout sufferer looks to find relief from his gout he usually turns to his doctor first. At first the medication does work but as time goes on he finds he is also suffering from side effects that are not that pleasant. The hunt is then on for gout home remedies, since they usually address the problem without the side effects.

Gout home remedies may conjure up some different images of one working with some crazy concoctions and then eating, drinking or applying it to the affected area. Gout home remedies are not some mumbo jumbo, but it can just mean some changes in your diet and your everyday living.

Most people who suffer from gout find themselves on the heavy side. This is reasonable since most of the food associated with gout tends to be high in fat. If your diet consists of mainly food that is high in fat, it stands to reason that you are going to be on the heavy side. Foods that are high in fat usually are also high in a substance called purines which is another factor when it comes to gout.

When you eat foods that are high in purines your body then acquires high levels of uric acid which can form crystals around your joints especially the big toe. The kidneys are our body’s filtering system and are responsible for filtering out excessive uric acid. When a person is overweight the extra weight does place strain on their kidneys therefore they cannot work at the best. So knowing all this it may be a good idea to implement some gout home remedies so you can alleviate some of your pain caused from gout.

To start using some of these gout home remedies when it comes to your diet, it would be good to know what foods you should be avoiding or at least eating in moderation.


  • We tend to think that fish is good for us but not all fish is when it comes to gout. Fish such as mackerel, sardines, oysters, mussels and scallops have high levels of purines.
  • We know that beef is high in purines but even foods made from these types of meat such as broth, bouillon and gravies should be used in moderation.
  • Certain vegetables should also be avoided if you are a gout sufferer. Vegetables such as spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, peas and asparagus can be rich in purines also, so if implementing some gout home remedies you can leave them off the list.

So some foods that can be added to your list when trying gout home remedies would be the following:

  1. Blueberries
  2. Celery
  3. Pineapple
  4. Vitamin C rich foods – red cabbage, red bell peppers, tangerines, oranges and potatoes
  5. Water – at least 6 to 8 glasses a day
  6. Flaxseed, nuts and seeds

By following a better gout diet and by exercising more daily you will be implementing some gout home remedies and get your gout under control.


5 Foods To Avoid With Gout

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All people are different, and what one person eats might not really be a problem for them, while others might be struggling with the very same diet. For those that are having struggles with what to eat and what not to eat, especially if they have gout, there is hope. Consider the following 5 foods to avoid with gout, and make sure you’re in the clear if you move forward.

If you or someone you know is feeling pain in the joints, has problem with their big toe, and just can’t seem to shake the notion of illness, it’s important to shake things up in terms of meals. No one deserves to be sick, and no one should feel like they are not getting better, and for some, eating doesn’t seem to be triggering sickness, but that’s not always the case. Those that look at foods to avoid with gout will see improvements if they follow this simple plan of avoidance.

  • The first thing to avoid is going to make some men cry; it is none other than bacon. That’s right, the amazing product can really have a bad deal for a person that is fighting ailments. The purines and nitrates found in the savory meat can really cause people stress. Avoid this one at all cost.
  • Secondly, and hinging on the above, avoid heavily processed hot dogs. There are some very specific brands that you can eat, but for the most part, you’ll want to avoid hot dogs. These are usually full of nitrates, several different animal parts, and not too healthy to begin with.
  • Other types of foods to avoid with gout is seafood. Shellfish, and all other creatures of the sea contain levels of mercury, but also can have debris and many other impurities that aggravate the ailment further. Do not be fooled by those that say some fish is healthy, because if you’re suffering from gout, it can only make matters worse. ¬†sildenafil Australia
  • A fourth kind of foods to avoid with gout is poultry, at least if you’re planning on eating it on a daily basis. If you’re continually eating chicken, and not much else, the diet is going to hurt the outcome of your remedy.
  • The last type of foods to avoid with gout is alcohol. Alright, so this is not a food, but excessive drinking, and especially too much beer is a root cause of gout in some individuals. Avoid drinking during the recovery process and then try to keep things under check when over the hill of medical problems.

Top Foods That Cause Gout

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Gout can be excruciatingly painful when it strikes. The agonizing pain will not only last for few minutes but for several hours or even days. That is why prevention is always the best when it comes to gout management. Since gout is mainly triggered by diet, especially excessive intake of high-purine foods, it is best to avoid foods that cause gout. By doing so, you will lessen the incidences of a gout attack.

A lot of foods contain purine. Some of the foods with high purine content are several seafood and red meats. They are, therefore, the top foods that can cause gout attack. Examples of these foods that must be off your menu are salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovies, and mackerel. Excessive intake of lobsters, shrimps, scallops, and crabs can also trigger a gout attack. But you may indulge in these sea foods once in a while.

Red meats are not exempted. Most high-protein foods also contain increased level of purine; such as steak, roast beef, and grilled foods. Although, these foods must still be taken in moderate amount since your body needs protein for optimum health and energy.

Other foods to avoid are meat extracts, foods made of yeasts, and various types of nuts; be it peanuts, almond nuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, and so on. Gravies and other internals must also be avoided at all times, if possible. If you want to eat chicken, savour its taste without using gravies. Just make sure not to include the chicken skin.

The ideal foods to eat are green foods like vegetables. But take note that even some vegetables must be consumed in moderation, because they can increase your purine level. Examples of these vegetables are spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Instead, go for celery, tomatoes, potatoes (not French fries), and parsley.

To make your diet truly effective, you must also consider avoiding some drinks like alcoholic drinks. Avoid drinking beer if possible. In lieu of beer, drink plenty of water. Don’t go lower than 8 glasses of water per day if you want to treat gout. Water can help in preventing crystallization of uric acid, thereby preventing the emergence of tophi.

Bear in mind that one of the keys to a successful gout management is in proper diet. If you can strictly observe the recommended diet guide for gout, then you should not encounter any problem in treating this condition. You can begin your journey towards freedom from this form of arthritis by avoiding the top foods that cause gout.


Cherry Juice for Gout – The Natural Cure

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If you suffer from a condition called gout, then there is a natural remedy that can greatly reduce the effects of this ailment. Employing cherry juice for gout will help immensely because of the properties of the juice. This juice is rich in antioxidants and can, when consumed often, promote healthy joints. Somebody who is suffering with gout has a buildup of excess uric acid at the joints of the toes in the foot or feet; the juice of cherries (cherry juice for gout), especially the black variety, helps to break down this acid and give relief from pain.

Cherry juice for gout should be taken down twice every day to be effective. Because it is a natural remedy, there are no side effects and the fruit can be eaten as part of a naturally well balanced diet. And there are a variety of ways that this fruit can be enjoyed; the best way is to drink the juice in a natural form, this can be purchased easily from large grocery outlets or smaller health food stores. The fruit can be eaten daily and is especially delicious when mixed with low fat dairy products like natural yoghurt.

The best way by far to obtain cherry juice for gout is by purchasing a concentrated type of this juice sold in bottles of varying sizes. The recommended daily intake is two tea spoons twice daily. And although this is not a miracle cure as a natural gout remedy, it is a reasonably fast acting liquid and will almost certainly reduce the painful effects of an attack of gout and possibly keep them from returning. Black cherry juice also has other health enhancing properties and can be used as a preventative measure to some forms of cancerous growths and those who have become arthritic.

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Once the symptoms of gout have receded and there is little or no pain, then it is possible to reduce the amount of cherry juice for gout taken to maintain the pain free experience. However it should be remembered that a regular daily intake of either juice or fruit should be sustained to prevent the condition from returning. So whether taking it as a drink, or an additional flavoring over yoghurt that is frozen, the taking of cherry juice for gout will most certainly be advantageous in obtaining relief from the painful sensations that can be experienced by people suffering with this ailment.


The Basic Gout Diet

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If you haven’t experienced it yourself, it’s hard to describe the pain of gout symptoms. Your joints swell, flesh becomes tender and inflamed, the pain is intense and unrelenting, and it’s made all the worse because there isn’t much you can do about a flare up. This was even worse historically, when there were no effective treatments available.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to prevent the flare ups, starting with a good gout diet. In fact, eating the right foods is the best gout treatment available to us at this time, and it’s the closest thing we have to a gout cure. So if you’re suffering from gout, you need to know that you don’t have to keep suffering.

What Causes Gout?

Gout is caused by a build up of uric acid in your blood stream which causes uric crystals to form in your joints. Uric acid is caused by your body breaking down the amino acid purine, which is why a good gout diet is a low purine diet.

In most people, uric acid is flushed out by the kidneys and is completely harmless. In gout sufferers, the body is unable to get rid of it and it begins to crystallize and accumulate in the joint. This tends to happen more in areas with low blood flow, which is why most experience it in their feet.

Gout Causing Foods

As you’d expect, most gout treatments revolve around lowering the amount of uric acid in your blood, mostly through medication. The easier and less risky way to do this is with a proper gout diet, which restricts the amount of gout causing foods. An ounce of gout prevention is worth a pound of gout cure.

So what foods cause gout? Well, mostly you’re going to be looking at meat and seafood, especially organ meats. These foods are very high in purine, which can lead to increased uric acid in the blood, which is the primary gout cause.

But one crucial thing to keep in mind is that a gout diet is not just about limiting purine. For effective gout treatment, you also need to increase your body’s ability to eliminate uric acid, so a good gout diet also needs to increase your water intake and decrease your alcohol use.

The Gout Diet

Here’s how to plan a good gout diet menu:

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  • Limit the amount of meat you take into about four to six ounces a day. This helps reduce your purine intake, which is a cornerstone of gout treatment.
  • Eliminate or at least severely reduce your alcohol intake. Drinking is strongly associated with gout, and it has no place on a gout diet plan. For one thing, it causes dehydration, which is one thing you don’t want for gout treatment.
  • Drink a lot more water and eat more water rich foods. The more hydrated you are on your gout diet the better your body is going to be able to deal with uric acid in your bloodstream. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and try to eat water rich foods like salads and fruit. Staying hydrated us essential for effective gout treatment.

If you follow a solid gout diet like the one recommended in this article, you can reduce or eliminate your gout symptoms. Remember, this is long term gout treatment, so sticking with it is essential. But if you do, you can avoid gout forever.

Are you tired of trying to deal with your gout attacks?


Gout Diet Tips That Work

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If you do not know what causes gout, don’t feel bad as most people pay very little attention to this widespread condition until their first gout attack. This may also be the first time they considered a gout diet as well. Gout is the term given to describe a condition whereby tiny uric acid crystals grow within your joints when you have very high levels of uric acid in the blood. Generally this happens when the kidneys are unable to get rid of uric acid quickly enough to prevent a build up, or the body is overdosing the kidneys by producing too much uric acid.

Unfortunately we cannot totally avoid the production of uric acid, as it is one of the natural process happening in the digestive system when chemical compounds known as “purines” are broken down and uric acid is created as a by-product.

Foods we eat also contain differing level of purines, and this is where a gout diet can make a huge difference. The key is to only consume foods with low purine levels in our gout diet and try to avoid foods which have high levels of purine. This helps decrease the purine concentration in the body and this in turn helps to reduce the amount of uric acid being produced. Keeping the level of uric acid in the blood low will avoid the formation of the uric acid crystals in our joints which causes the very painful gout attacks.

Effective Gout Diet Tips

According to the American Medical Association gout diet guidelines, it is very important to ensure that your diet consists of the following:

– high amounts of complex carbohydrates such as high fiber grains, vegetables and fruits

– low amounts of protein with only 15% of calories coming from poultry, lean meats and soy

– less than 30% calories from fats (with animal fats being 10% or less)

So how does the above translate into an effective gout diet? Following the gout diet guidelines posted above, the types of foods that should be considered for the main part of your gout diet would include the following:

– fresh berries such as blueberries, cherries, strawberries and other members of the red-blue berry category

– exotic fruits such as bananas, pineapple, grapes

– celery

– tomatoes

– leafy green vegetables such as cabbage, parsley and kale

– Vit. C rich foods included oranges, potatoes, tangerines, mandarins, red cabbage and red peppers

– Complex carbohydrates including breads, pasta, rice, cereals, nuts

– water (8 glasses per day) and fruit juices

– only low-fat dairy products including cheese, milk, yogurt (no soya)

– coffee, tea, cocoa, pop

– fatty acids from fish such as tuna and salmon as well as nuts and flax seed

– Tofu rather than meat products

It should be stressed that some foods that have moderate levels of purine may also be considered as well to help balance your gout diet.

This list would include foods such as:

– other vegetables including asparagus, peas, cauliflower, spinach, lima and kidney beans

– whole grain cereals and breads

– meats such as duck, chicken, turkey and ham

All protein foods contain purines, however it is important to remember that your body does need proteins to stay healthy. So your gout diet needs to include some protein foods.

The above list of recommended gout diet foods is certainly not complete and you may find other foods listed in many of the gout home remedies that you find online or in bookstores. Still, these should give you a good start to your gout diet proactive planning.


Discover the Treatment for Gout

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What is the treatment for gout? Uric acid has been building up in your body for years. The damage has been done and now your living with excruciating pain. You want it to stop fast. You want and need answers now.

There are both traditional medical treatment for gout and more non traditional methods. In order to choose which path to follow it is up to you to do your research. The traditional gout treatment methods often prescribed by doctors will be reviewed here. Many of you may have followed them with different measures of success. For those of you wanting to seek out other options I will provide a link to further information.

There are basically to different areas you need to be concerned with. What do I do right now in the midst of an attack. I’ve waken up in the most unbearable pain imaginable and I want it to stop. How do I decrease my gout pain? The next area is how do I prevent future occurrences of gout. What do I change in my life to avoid having future attacks?

Ok, here’s a couple of tips for dealing with the pain in that moment of attack.

  • What you should be concerned with is reducing the inflammation. It is recommended that you rest and elevate the affected joints. Doing this until the attack eases and for 24 hours after can go a long way to help.
  • However, as most of you are probably thinking more than a few hours is a little unpractical. You can also use ice packs to ease your pain and reduce inflammation..
  • There are a number of medications (which I have spoken about in another article) that are often prescribed. One that should be avoided is aspirin. Although it is natural to think this would reduce your pain it can actually have the opposite effect. Aspirin may change the uric acid levels in your body and only make things worse.

Now what about long term. What can you do to help prevent future recurrences?

  • One of the things you need to do is drink plenty of water. I know you have heard it before, but the human body is about 60% water for adult men and 70% for adult women. It only goes to reason that a shortage of water in the body can throw many processes off balance.
  • Another commonly linked problem is obesity. Keeping your weight under control is important to many things and the prevention of gout is no different.
  • Controlling the types of foods you eat is important for the treatment of gout. Many foods will increase the levels of uric acid within your body.

Your doctor can talk to you about medications that may help reduce the levels of uric acid in your body.


Gout Home Remedies – 3 Things That Will Work

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When someone has pain in their joints, swelling in the tendons, and even pain isolated to the big toe, it’s important to consider that they might be dealing with an ailment called gout. This problem manifest itself in people of all backgrounds and can sneak up on someone, making them feel far older than they are, and having to deal with problematic symptoms that seem to never go away.

There are a variety of treatments available for this malady, but most of them seem to not work out in many ways, especially since a lot of old fashion methods focus on the pain rather than the root cause. Anyone can take a painkiller, but to heal something deeper, it takes some savvy. Consider the following gout home remedies in your search for getting rid of the ailment forever.

  • The first things to check into are cherries. Cherries and berries of all types can have a great deal of effectiveness for those that are looking to cure themselves of the ailment. In fact, most people don’t even realize that berries contain so many powers, and can really pack a bunch in a small package, making them one of the best gout home remedies to explore. Aside from the standard vitamins, there is a great deal of flavor and potency involved with cherries.
  • A second home remedy that many people talk about when speaking on gout home remedies is to take a bath with Epsom salt. This type of salt is very unique in that it can bring down the swelling of painful areas as well as infuse the body with a natural healing power that is soaked deep into the joints and body. The salt needs to be mixed with hot or warm water and diluted to take full effect.
  • A third option to look into in regard to gout home remedies is green leafy vegetables. Not only are these healthy favorites amazing to eat, but also they can provide a great deal of flavonoids, vitamins, and so much more. Healing the ailment is rough without the powerful punch of these vegetables.

The above are just 3 items that seem to help those suffering with this ailment. If things progressively get worse, it might be time to visit a doctor. It’s important never to self diagnose unless absolutely sure. There are just too many variables to consider. Always look towards getting natural remedies before jumping on board with highly altered, chemically unstable options.


Few facts about Tophaceous Gout

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Gout is a medical condition that triggers a sudden painful burning sensation around the joints resulting in inflammation. Its initial symptom is hyperuricemia, the increased serum levels of uric acid. A protein-rich diet and a defective metabolism of uric acid are the chief precipitating factors of this disease condition. Tophaceous gout occurs in individuals who have chronic uric acid elevation that results in the development of large uric acid crystals in the joints. The principal process start with an increase in serum uric acid (normal levels: 2.4 to 6.0 mg/dl in females and 3.4 to 7.0 mg/dl in males) then monosodium urate (MSU) crystals start to form and develops into tophi.

Gout attacks usually occur first on the big toes; however, tophi formation takes place several years after the first attack. This is why tophaceous gout is common among the elderly. The tophi may develop in the joint where the first gout attack happened, causing damage to the joint and surrounding bone structures or it may emerge in other locations and may affect cartilages, tendons and other tissues. Failure to treat the tophaceous may cause skin and bone deformities since it may grow on or into the bones. These outgrowths usually develop in areas away from the heart or those with slower blood circulation such as the toes and the ridges of the ears.
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If these tophi are not dealt with immediately, it could cause problems especially with mobility. They may grow in joints and bones and damage these structures leading to decrease in mobility. If the damage is extensive, then amputation might be done resulting in the use of artificial joints. The affected area may also develop ulcerations and become septic leading to septicemia (bacterial infection of the blood), which may be fatal if not treated immediately. The tophi may also burst and exude pus and chalky-crystal mass onto the surface of the skin.

The goal of the treatment therapy is decrease the serum uric acid levels down to normal (at least 6.0md/dL). Studies have shown that tophi generally start to dissolve at these levels, resorted from the tophi surface and slowly excreted through the kidneys. Medications that may lower the serum uric acid levels that include allopurinol, clofibrate, probenicid and sulfinpyrazone. Colchicine and NSAIDs are not given to stop the tophi formation but to prevent inflammation. In cases wherein these drugs will not work and the tophi cause a lot of problems, then surgery is the next option. This procedure may not be available in all countries; therefore, it would be good to check, especially if you are suffering from this condition, if it is. Failure in the treatment therapy can cause problems that may be debilitating to the patient.

Natural gout remedies or various gout diets (Zone diet and the low purine diet) will not treat the tophi formation but would help in lowering the serum uric acid levels. Increase intake of water is compulsory to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation and increasing the excretion of uric acid. Alkalinizing agents and alkaline water helps in alkalizing urine and making water more soluble thus decreasing the risk stone formation.


Discover Amazing Gout Home Remedies

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Gout is a certain type of arthritis. Tenderness in the joints, swelling, redness, sudden and intense pain and heat are some of the indications of gout. This type of arthritis is usually affecting the big joint in the big toe, although the symptoms may also take place in your wrists, hands, knees and feet. The attacks usually last for about 5 to 10 days.

Alternative treatment approaches such as home remedies for gout are widely common among individuals with gout. If these home remedies for gout are employed, they must compliment and not serve as a replacement for traditional gout care.

The most effective home remedies for gout are those old-fashioned methods that our grandparents once employed. To relieve suffering from gout pain, the old timers had to utilize some products that were readily available in their homes. These home remedies for gout went out of vogue as scientific experts and medical scientists touted new forms of relief for this old medical issue.

The following are some home remedies for gout that are commonly used:

1. Application of a cold compress to the affected area – in order to lessen the pain, applying a cold compress directly to the area affected has always been the first line of treatment in the majority of households. Applying ice packs to the swollen and inflamed joints for about 10 to 15 minutes should do the trick. The application of cold packs will tend to lessen the inflammation and pain. This could feel a little uncomfortable during the first few minutes although you have to be persistent. The soreness caused by gout tends to get worse when there is the feeling of something against the skin.

2. To help alleviate the soreness due to gout, you may take ibuprofen.

3. Exercise your joints by placing each of them through a wide range of movement. Try performing this activity once or twice in a day.

4. Immerse your feet in an Epsom foot bath if the soreness is concentrated on your big toe. Epsom salt is a staple in most households. It is widely used for almost everything from laxative to water baths for soothing out painful muscles. Epsom salt contains the mineral magnesium. When present in high levels, magnesium may enhance your blood and heart circulation as well as lessen your blood pressure. Magnesium will also assist in flushing out the dangerous toxins and heavy metals away from your system.

The great thing about the aforementioned home remedies for gout is that many of these items we keep in our home. Gout needs to be treated as quickly as possible. The longer it is left untreated the worse the symptoms can become.